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How is the employment prospect of industrial robot engineers?
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With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, which occupy half of the intelligent manufacturing industry, have entered a stage of rapid development. However, industrial robots are facing a shortage of technical personnel. In our work and life, there are ubiquitous and practical robots, which shows that industrial robots have come more and more. The more widely used in the traditional manufacturing industry, the more vacancies there are for robotic engineers, the more job choices there will be in mastering the technology of maintenance, debugging, troubleshooting, operation and system integration of industrial robots.


1. Great job demand: In 2017, the national sales of industrial robots exceeded 120,000 units. Among them, the shortage of industrial robots maintenance personnel is more prominent, and the employment salary of robotic engineers is more objective. The reference salary of technical operators is 5500-7000/month, while that of industrial robots maintenance engineers is 7000-1W/month, system set. Over 2W/month as a full-time engineer, there will be a gap in salary level due to different regions. It is not difficult to see that the salary of the robot industry is indeed at a high level. The rapid development of the robot industry brings tangible benefits to every employee.


2. Fair Competition Space

Many people have encountered such or other unfair situations in their work. The survival of the fittest is an invariable rule. As an industrial robotic engineer, as long as you have the ability and technology, you will be regarded as an important task by the boss, regardless of your background, your appearance, your educational background and all the excellent technical theory. In this way, you don't have to worry about your future development.


3. The Robot Industry Has Freshness and Challenges

Industrial robots are in a hot industry, but also the product of high technology. They can always bring forth new ideas and new technologies, so as to find new inspiration and new ideas. Instead of repeating mechanical operations every day, learning and exploring new things will keep you fresh and challenging.

IV. Employment Prospects of Industrial Robot Technology

Many people think that robotic engineers are operating robots. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Operating robots belong to technical operators. Robot engineers are not restricted by the development of the industry, nor influenced by their educational background and age. On the contrary, the more experience they have, the more popular they are.


Robot Automation Control Position

Generally engaged in mechanical automation and electrical automation of industrial robots, suitable for industrial robots application and production enterprises

Robot Production Line Design Position

Engaged in three-dimensional mapping and simulation design of industrial robots, suitable for industrial robots applications and integrators

Robot workstation maintenance position

Engaged in industrial robot operation, workstation production process and equipment routine maintenance, suitable for industrial robot application Enterprises

Robot Control and Programming Position

Engaged in on-site teaching, programming, operation and debugging of industrial robots, maintenance of faults, suitable for industrial robots application enterprises and integrators

Robot Installation and Debugging

Engaged in the assembly of industrial robots and the installation and debugging of workstations. It is suitable for industrial robots application and production enterprises.

Robot Sales Technology Job

Engaged in the sales and maintenance of industrial robots, suitable for industrial robots application and production enterprises


5. Good working environment

Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and coastal areas belong to manufacturing intensive industrial areas, with superior working environment, convenient transportation, Talent Gathering in the same industry, and large learning space. When you understand the advantages above, is there an impulse to become an industrial robotic engineer right away? The eagerness to eat hot tofu makes it difficult for many people to learn the technology of industrial robots. Learning skills, as long as people are not too stupid, from no foundation to employment, can be learned, but if we want to go deep into the field of integration, it takes time and energy.