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What are the aspects of industrial robotics?
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Do you want to show your fists and feet in the wind? Industrial robots come into our lives. Many people have no direction of employment, and their wages do not rise every year. Are you not skilled enough to be competent for high-paying jobs? And I do not know how to change the status quo, although in the wind of the times, it is still unable to take off. How can we learn industrial robotics without understanding the motion programming and instructions of industrial robots?

Industrial Robot Motion Programming:

1. Understanding ABB industrial robots, teaching device operating environment settings, teaching device programmable keys use;

2. Manual manipulation robot, robot I/O communication interface, ABB standard I/O board and configuration;

3. Establishment and storage of program data, setting of tool data, workpiece coordinates, payload and other data;

4. Establish PAPID program and instruction, establish program module and routine program.

5. The industrial robot control cabinet, the robot body, the robot body and the control cabinet are connected.


Industrial Robot Motion Instructions:

When the industrial robots gather together in teaching and do not set the motion type and speed, they automatically use the last set value. The position data records the current position information of the industrial robots, while recording the motion instructions, the position information is recorded. Motion specifies the trajectory between teaching points during execution. Industrial robots generally have three kinds of trajectories: joint motion, linear motion and circular motion.

When the industrial robot does not need to make the path to the teaching environment, the joint motion command is adopted, and the joint motion type command is MOVJ. When the industrial robot moves to the current teaching point through a linear path, the linear motion type is adopted. The instruction is MOVL, the teaching point of the current instruction at the end point. When the industrial robot needs to move to the current teaching point in an arc path, the arc trajectory is adopted.


What hard knowledge should industrial robotics master? Huibang has the following summaries:

1. Master mechanical drawing CAD, electronic circuit CAD drawing design technology, can read the structure of the robot application system installation drawings and electrical schematic drawings.

2. Master the pneumatic, electrical control and PLC programming technology, can compile and adjust the robot workstation control program according to the process requirements of the production line.

3. Master servo system, frequency converter, sensor, touch screen and other technologies, skilled use of servo system, frequency converter, sensor and touch screen devices.

4. Master the simulation design technology of Solidworks and Robot Studio industrial robots, and can work out the simulation design scheme of robot application system.

5. Master the on-line teaching and programming technology of industrial robots. It can complete the hardware connection of robots, the compilation of PAPID program module, the operation and control of robots.

6. Master the mechanical assembly technology of industrial robots, can disassemble, assemble and maintain industrial robots and application system equipment, and eliminate simple equipment failures.

7. Master the integration technology of industrial robot system, can install and debug robots and automatic production line according to the requirements of robot application program.

8. Master the application and extension of industrial robots and the maintenance technology of automated production lines, and can provide pre-sale and after-sale technical support for industrial robots and equipment.