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The relationship between artificial intelligence and block chain
Release Time:2018-04-17 11:17:00    Page views:2366
In this cruel world, the emergence of one emerging technology usually takes the place of another. Take the alarm clock, the Rolodex and the camera around you for example, and you will find that this is true. As for bigger devices like fax machines and cassettes, no one seems to cry because of their disappearance. Sometimes, however, this rule does not hold. In fact, some technologies can complement each other, rather than having to be "one mountain without two tigers", either removed or replaced.

In 2018, at the forefront of infinite possibilities, we do not know how much impact block chain technology will have in the future, nor what scale artificial intelligence technology will develop into. But when these two powerful technologies collide, magical things happen.

A Customized Travel Experience

It seems illogical to let technology solve this problem if you want to stay away from all the troubles of technology while on vacation. But maybe that hope will come true. Chozun, an Australian block chain company, is building a tourism ecosystem driven by data science and artificial intelligence. What's the point? That is, personalized design of customers'travel experience, so that their vacation is more relaxed and enriched.

Therefore, if a person often wastes valuable sunbathing time to discuss where to go and what to do, Chozun will complete the best tour according to his preferences. The technology behind it is to learn over time, to understand what the user likes and dislikes, so that he can save time to do what he likes more, instead of queuing up to see a monument that is not interesting.

Moreover, the block chain section encourages travelers to use a token-based loyalty rewards scheme, including peer-to-peer exchanges, rewards for leaving comments, and upgrades to flights and hotels.

Chat Robot Driven by Block Chain

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in talking with computers, so chat robots are on the rise. But now they are driven by block chain technology. So how does block chains work with AI chat robots? The first step is to ensure the integrity of the data.

Summarizebot is a start-up company that has developed a chat robot based on block chains for text and multimedia analysis. It's basically the equivalent of a modern version of CliffsNotes, so with it, users don't need to read the whole article, just read the key content. This is undoubtedly a big news for executives or students who are pressed for time.

Summarize Bot is a chat robot driven by AI and block chain technology. It can analyze documents, Web links or multimedia files, extract the main ideas from them and put them in a brief summary. Alex M, the company's chief technology officer, explained that "using block chain technology can help us collect more accurate data, verify the quality of data labels through block chain protocols, and ensure that the most accurate data sets are possible."

Prevent the attack from happening before it comes

Similar to the movie Minority Report, the combination of AI and block chains can prevent something from happening, at least in terms of network security.

Peter Tran, Vice President of Worldpay and Director of Global Network Defense and Security Strategy, said: "Artificial intelligence and block chains will become a symbiotic combination of network security. In this case, the right hand always knows what the left hand is doing. It is used to provide checks and balances for monitoring, visibility and early detection.

Vaughan Emery, chief executive of Atonomi, believes that block chain technology and artificial intelligence are the basis for protecting the Internet of Things. "The combination of immutable identity and reputation based on block chains will help to ensure that medical care Internet of Things, especially when machine learning is combined with artificial intelligence, can identify abnormal device behavior. Identity and reputation will then provide a real-time protection to protect the Internet of Things."

Another company that is cautious about network security is Heroic, which combines block chain technology with artificial intelligence to resist current or future potential network attacks. Chad Bennett, the company's founder and CEO, revealed that "the combination of big data with AI and block chains is a completely new case of forgetting to protect."

From travel to data analysis, crime detection and network security, artificial intelligence and block chains seem to be a successful combination, but how far can this technology go? The answer is unknown.