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Perfect combination of compact servo driver and economical synchronous servo motor
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Complete servo solution, perfect match with general servo Market
Flexible and compatible intelligent design to meet differentiated customer needs
High cost performance options with performance advantages in the mid tier market

Universal, intelligent and cost-effective servo solution, perfectly matching the general servo Market
Accelerate the promotion of the middle end servo market strategy, through a better combination of the newly upgraded compact servo driver and the newly launched economic synchronous servo motor, provide a highly matched servo solution for the general servo market, and help the domestic manufacturing upgrade accelerate. The system supports free switching multi protocol Ethernet Real-time bus communication interface, and is equipped with high-resolution 21 bit single / multi turn absolute value encoder and electronic nameplate function of intelligent identification motor as standard. It has space saving design and excellent performance, and can meet the increasing cost and performance requirements of the Chinese market.
ADM servo solution includes a new upgraded column servo driver covering a power range of 0.75 to 7.5 kW, which can perfectly match the different requirements of the general servo market.
Flexible and compatible intelligent design to meet differentiated customer needs
ADM servo solution has high flexibility and compatibility. The servo driver is divided into five power sections. The integrated two network ports support five mainstream industrial field buses based on Ethernet communication, and can be easily switched according to the actual needs through the standard operation panel. The servo driver is equipped with a multi protocol encoder interface, which supports a variety of standard protocol mainstream encoders, and can drive a third-party motor.
The synchronous servo motor is divided into three frame numbers, covering eight power segments. There are nine kinds of motors with ultra-low inertia and medium inertia to choose from. The subdivided power segments can provide customers with more product choices close to their needs. This series of servo motors can rotate up to 5000 rpm, which can meet the application needs of different industries (such as packaging, lithium battery, etc.).
High performance price selection with performance advantages
The whole system of synchronous servo motor is equipped with 21 bit absolute value encoder with high resolution as standard. The encoder has one or more circles to choose from, which can meet the application occasions with high demand for control accuracy. Class F insulation grade winding, standard shaft seal of the whole system and protection grade up to IP67 ensure that the motor can work stably in severe environment. At the same time, this series of servo motors can be equipped with the electronic nameplate function of intelligent identification motor, the motor related parameter information can be automatically read by the servo driver, which is convenient and fast to connect to the servo driver. The compact design and excellent performance of the servo solution can meet the increasing cost demand of users and provide more competitive performance requirements in the same market.