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How to choose servo motor for machine tool
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1. Motor encoder type selection
When choosing the servo motor, first select the motor equipped with the appropriate type of encoder according to the precision and speed required by the processing. In other words, the absolute encoder motor with high resolution shall be selected when the machining accuracy is required to be high; the incremental encoder motor with relatively low resolution shall be selected when the machining accuracy is not high; the high-speed electric machine with 3000-5000 revolutions shall be selected when the machining speed is required; the low-speed motor shall be selected when the machining speed is not high but the processing requirements are high.
The reasonable selection of motor is based on the understanding and mastery of application requirements.
2. Selection of motor torque specification
The selected servo motor of the machine tool shall be subject to the rated motor torque (MN). The rated torque of the selected motor must meet the machining requirements. If the motor rated torque (MN) index is not marked and only the motor static rated torque (MO) index is marked, the index shall be converted first. It can be approximately converted as follows:
Mn ≈ 0.75 × Mo
When making the machine tool configuration, the matching servo motor shall be selected according to the working condition, processing conditions and processing requirements of the machine tool, and sufficient margin shall be reserved for the occasions with high requirements such as load, inertia and dynamic response.
After selecting and matching the motor, select and match the driving unit according to the selection and matching principle of the driving unit and the servo motor.