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1. Servo is high speed and low torque, step is low speed and high torque

Generally speaking, the servo can easily reach several thousand rated speeds. For example, low-power servos, that is, servos within 750W, Japanese servos are rated at 3000 revolutions, while European servos can even reach 5000 revolutions and 6000 revolutions. And stepping, because of its own characteristics, usually also five or six hundred revolutions. However, its torque is much larger than the servo of the same specification, so that the reducer can be omitted. In fact, stepping is rarely added to the reducer, just a few hundred speeds, and then add a reducer, it is really useless.

 2. Servo flange is integral, step flange is not integral

Servo flanges are multiples of 10, such as 40, 60, 80, 110, 180, etc., and the step is generally 42, 57, 86, etc., often heard at the project site, 42 steps, 57 steps refers to the flange size. Stepping and servo flanges are not a series, which is also an important factor to distinguish between servo and stepping.

3. The acceleration time of the servo can be ignored, and the step cannot be ignored.

The acceleration time of the servo is only a few milliseconds, which can be ignored. The acceleration time of the stepper motor is several hundred milliseconds. Do not underestimate this gap. Although we can't feel it with intuition, it has a significant impact on the beat of mechanical equipment Vital impact.

4. Strong servo overload capability, almost no overload capability in stepping

Servo motors generally have overload capacity such as 180%, 300%, etc., while stepping has almost no overload capacity.

5. Servo price is high, stepping is cheap

Not to mention this, if the weight alone is calculated, the price of stepping and scrap copper is almost the same, and the servo is relatively expensive. Stepping is mainly used in low speed, infrequent start and stop occasions, especially in places with small installation space. Even, we can think of stepping as a cylinder. The servo is obviously more widely used than stepping, such as frequent start and stop, various high-speed equipment and so on.