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The former editor also mentioned why the servo motor makes noise in work. Since we have found out the reason, we must find a way to solve the problem!
1. Increase the mechanical rigidity, reduce the system inertia and reduce the response time of mechanical transmission parts, such as replacing the V-belt with direct screw transmission or replacing the V-belt with gearbox.
2. Reduce the response speed of the servo system and the control bandwidth of the servo system, such as reducing the gain parameter value of the servo system.
It's just noise, it's just one of the causes of instability. This is not necessarily the poor quality of the servomotor. For different reasons, there will be different solutions. For example, for noise caused by mechanical resonance, resonance suppression and low-pass filtering can be used. In short, noise and instability are basically not caused by the servo motor itself! Therefore, in Germany and Europe, customers using our servo motors do not have to worry about similar problems. If they find problems, they will solve them soon. If they can't solve the problem themselves, our technology will solve it for you soon.