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Trends in motion control systems
Release Time:2020-04-20 16:16:28    Page views:2206
The in-depth promotion and gradual development of concepts such as industry 4.0, intelligent production and industrial Internet of things have greatly promoted the development of motion control products in the fields of industrial Ethernet, modular and distributed servo drives, and deep software development. In the future, motion control system will follow the trend of global intelligence and take a highly sophisticated road.

At present, the scope of the electronics industry chain is relatively wide. Besides smart phones, there are new consumer electronic products such as tablet computers, wearable products, smart sensors and Internet of things products. The demand for these electronic products will have a strong pull on upstream machinery. As the most critical core part of these high-precision equipment, automatic products such as motion control system will inevitably take the road of intelligent improvement.

In recent years, China's motion control products (general servo system, stepping system, motion controller) have been growing steadily, exceeding the new normal of GDP growth. In particular, the rapid development of machine tools, textiles, printing, packaging, electronics and other industries has promoted the demand for motion controllers. Motion control mainly includes stepper motor and servo motor control. The control structure is generally: the control device drives (stepper or servo) motor. Control equipment can be such a PLC system, can also be such a special automation equipment (such as motion controller, motion control card). In the future, motion control systems first reflect the following trends.

Small volume

Judging from the recent releases of new products, it is not hard to see that each product has a small size as the focus. Small size, understandably, means more motion-control parts can be placed in the unit space, which is essential for automating devices and ending more elaborate movements. But in practice, other skills are being used to further optimize the hardware space of multi-axis systems, not just for the size of a single device.

Less wiring

Less wiring means three things: improving the efficiency of equipment engineering implementation; Improve the emc stability of the equipment; Reduce device size. So, you know why motion control bus technology is so important, and how painful it is to keep up the pulse and analog usage as the device moves. As a result, each family began to vigorously implement its own operational control network and integrated motion control system.

Components to reduce

Means less parts movement control system more "integrated", using fewer parts to realize more functions, in order to improve equipment automation degree within the limited space, in recent years, the "of" integrated drive motor products greatly reduced the number of cabinet space and fewer parts not only reflected in the electrical control parts, but also in the movement transmission of mechanical parts.

More powerful controls

As the number of synchronous axes of the device increases, in addition to the need for stronger controllers, more motion algorithms can be processed at a faster speed, and the motion control network must also be acceptable. The former is the brain, and the latter is the nerve. It is also a millisecond clock synchronization control, 3 axis, 30 axis, to hundreds of axes, the speed of the controller and the network clock frequency and precision is not an order of magnitude at all.

Easier to use

From the perspective of project implementation and protection, the increase of equipment motion control function will inevitably bring linear or several times the protection time and cost of the project, which we cannot expect. Ease of use starts with the configuration, programming, and debugging of the system.

Big data and cloud computing

With the increase of mobile capabilities, equipment data will be added into several multiples, equipment operation curve of each action, and the correlation between them, the rationality of the step sequence, production and operation process, and how they relate to equipment operation and maintenance data, the relationship between the enterprise economic benefit and so on, all these will make the movement control unit is no longer isolated products and systems, but inevitably integrated into the intelligent network of Internet of things. Become a member of the smart device terminal component.