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Technical status and development trend analysis of servo motor industry in China in 2020
Release Time:2020-04-29 17:22:20    Page views:2351
1. The number of industrial patent applications in China declined in 2019

At present, China's servo motor industry is in the growth stage, the industry technology innovation is very active, and gradually closely linked with the development of computer, Internet and other information technology.

Before 2019, China's servo motor industry was very active in professional applications. From 2009 to 2018, the number of related patent applications in China increased linearly and developed rapidly. In 2018, the number of related patent applications in China's servo motor industry rose to 24,754, up 43.84% year on year from 2017, reaching the peak in recent years. By the end of 2019, the number of patent applications related to the servo motor industry in China was 8,340, down 66.31 percent from 2018.
2. In 2019, the number of patent technologies related to servo motors in China increased rapidly

From 2009 to 2019, the overall number of servo motor patent technologies in China increased year by year, and the growth rate was fast. In 2018, the number of servomotor-related patent technologies disclosed in China was 21,727, up 69.29 percent year on year. In 2019, the number of servomotor-related patent technologies disclosed in China was 24,720, up 13.78% year on year from 2018, showing a slower growth rate. By January 16, 2020, the number of China's servo motor related patent technology in 2020 has reached 1070.

3. Jiangsu university has the most patent applications

From the perspective of the composition of servo motor patent technology applicants in China, most of them are universities. By 2019, the number of applications from guangxi universities has reached 496, ranking the first. Xi 'an jiaotong university and citic daika co., ltd. ranked second and third with 372 and 341 patented technologies, respectively.

4. Machine tool related patent applications account for the highest proportion

By the end of 2019, from the perspective of the type composition of the patent, B23 machine tool; The number of metal processing patents not included in other categories was the largest, reaching 14,601, accounting for 12.62% of the total number of industrial patents. Next is B65 transport; Packaging; Storage; The number of thin or fine filament-like materials handled was 10,246, accounting for 8.86% of the total industry patents.

5. Technology development tends to be networked and modular

Digitalization, intelligentization, simplicity, networking and high efficiency are the future development trends of servo motors. With the continuous improvement of electronic technology, the development of servo motor is also upgrading. Modern servo motors mostly use ac servo drive motors. With the theory of industry 4.0 and industrial Internet of things, modern servo motors are gradually changing to digital signal control and network module control.