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ADM Series Plug-in All-digital DC Servo Drive

ADM series pluggable driver module is a FPGA based on the current the most advanced technology development and become a dc power supply, structure, performance and extremely compact digital general servo drives, maximum power of 1200w. Support RS232, EtherCAT, CANOPEN bus communication, application software programming, setup, adjust the system parameters, to upgrade the firmware, save or reading configuration parameter drive, servo motor position control, speed and torque.

    Technical Parameter

    Servo Drive Series ADM Series Precision Programmable DC Servo Drive Module
    Drive Motor DDL Motor、DDR Motor、Voice Coil Motor、Brush Motor、Brushless Motor
    Control Model Motion Sequence, Point To Point, PVT
    Electronic Gear, Cam
    Position / Speed / Torque Cycle Synchronization(CSP, CSV, CST)
    Running Mode Independent programmable logic control (Stand-alone), External Control, or Distributed Network Control.
    Communication Type RS232,EtherCAT,CANOPEN
    Input And Output 1 ±10V Analog Input
    11 Digital Input, 6 Digital Output, No Light Separation.
    Feedback Orthogonal incremental encoder, maximum rate 5M line/s
    Digital Holzer (U, V, W, 120 degree electrical phase difference)
    Sin/Cos optional
    Second incremental encoder
    Panasonic incremental encoder (A format)
    SSI, EnDat, Absolute A
    Absolute value encoder A of tomomaso and Panasonic
    Nikon and SANYO absolute value encoder A
    Single DC Power Supply +14~80V(DC) ,Continuous Current Maximum 15A,peak Current Maximum 30A(DC)
    All-round Protection Design Overcurrent, Short Circuit, Grounding, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, I2t, And Control Errors.

    Fitting Dimension Chart

    Wiring Diagram