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APS Series Plate Structure DC Servo Drive

APS series precision DC servo driver is a universal, high-performance, DC power supply, flat structure full digital servo driver with a maximum power of 1KW. AP series driver application software tools provide a very powerful, flexible, fast, simple and easy software platform for the application of this series of drivers. It is mainly used for position, speed and torque control of linear (DDL), torque (DDR), voice coil, brushless and brushless servo motors. The external control mode can support incremental encoder, digital Holzer and back EMF feedback.

    Technical Parameter

    Servo Drive Series APS Series Plate Structure DC Servo Drive
    Drive Motor Linear Motor (DDL),Torque Motor (DDR),Voice Coil Motor,Brush Motor,Brushless Servo Motor
    Control Model Electronic Gear,Position,Speed and Torque Control
    Operation Mode External Control
    Communication Type RS232
    Input and Output 1 ±10V Analog Input
    6 Digital Inputs,1 Dedicated,5 Programmable General-purpose
    2 Digits Programmable Output, No Optical Isolation
    Feedback Orthogonal Incremental Encoder,Maximum Rate 5M line/s
    Digital Holzer (U, V, W, 120 degree electrical phase difference)
    Single DC Power Supply 18-160VDC
    Comprehensive Protection Design Overcurrent, short circuit, grounding, overvoltage, undervoltage, I2t, and control errors.

    Sizing Table

    Servo Driver Model Supply Voltage
    Continuous Current
    Peak Current
    Shape Size
    Encoder Type
    APS-06D48-RALTE 18…48 6 18 168 x 100 x 31mm Incremental Encoder
    APS-12D80-RALTE 18…80 12 36 168 x 100 x 31mm Incremental Encoder
    APS-03D160-RALTE 18…160 3 9 168 x 100 x 31mm Incremental Encoder