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DDM Series Torque Direct Drive Motor DD Motor

DDM series torque direct drive motor is designed by Shenzhen Techservo Technology Co., Ltd., which is mainly designed to meet the strong demand of low speed, large torque, high response and high precision rotary platform in semiconductor and laser automation equipment industry. It can provide customers with OEM design and integrated motion control platform solution services.

    Technical Parameter

    Form Name DDM224-N20-48H
    Instantaneous Maximum Output Torque N.m 30
    Continuous Maximum Torque N.m 20
    Maximum Speed rps 4
    Rated Speed rps 2
    Precision Resolution sincos Line number / turn 12000
    Absolute Accuracy arc-sec ±26
    Repeatable Positioning Accuracy arc-sec ±1
    Origin Pulses Count pulse/rev 1
    Maximum Power KVA 1
    Rated Power KVA 0.6
    Line Resistance Ohm 0.9
    Line Inductance mH 1.8
    Torque Constant Nm/A 1.4
    Continuous Current Arms 14
    Peak Current Arms 22
    Pole-pairs - 15
    Permissible Load Rotor Inertia kgcm² 230
    Axial Load N 2000
    Radial Load Nm 120
    Mechanical precision of load mounting surface μm 15,5 or less
    Weight kg 10.8
    Environmental Requirements Temperature 40
    Humidity % 85
    Atmospheric Environment - No corrosive gas or dust. Below 1000M

    Mechanical Dimension Figure