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APD Series General Programmable Servo Driver

APD series programmable precision servo drives is a general, high-performance, ac/dc power supply, structure compact digital servo drive, maximum power up to 3 kw.Set the programmable motion control, PLC, servo drive functions in one body.Mainly used in linear (DDL), torque (DDR), voice coil, has brush, brushless servo motor position, speed, torque control.It can be an independent programmable control (Stand - u.s), external control, or distributed network control of three kinds of mode, can support incremental encoder, analog is cosine (Sin/Cos) encoder, rotating transformer (Resolver) feedback.


    Technical Parameter Table

    Servo driver series APD series general programmable servo driver
    Drive motor DDL、DDR、Voice coil、brush、Brushless servo motor
    Control Model Motion Sequence,Point-to-Point,PVT
    Electronic Gears and Cams
    Position,Speed and Torque Control Mode
    Communication Type CANopen、RS232
    Independent Programmable Control

    A Simple and Visual Programming Tool
    32 Programmable Motion Sequences
    Programmable priority,which can be selected and executed by digital input or 32 registers
    32 registers can be accessed through RS232/CAN communication
    Programmable Power-on Automatic Operation Program
    Programmable Motion Error Response Types
    Contains the following standard motion control functions
    - Motion (position,speed,torque,cam,return to origin)
    - Waiting (input,delay,location,motion completion,parameters or events)
    - Conditional jump
    - Setting Gain,Limitation,Tracking Window
    - Setting Output,Position Triggering Output
    - Enabling or prohibiting drives
    - Mathematics and Logical Operations
    - Setting up Operation Mode
    - Setting and reading parameter variables
    - Speed single-stage filtering

    External Control Command Step/Dir,CW./CCW,single-ended or differential input,maximum speed 2M)
    Position,Velocity and Torque of +10V Analog (12 Bit Resolution of Differential Input)
    PWM speed and torque (1-100KHz,minimum pulse width 220ns)
    Encoder A/B,maximum rate 2M line/s (8M after 4-fold)
    Distributed Network Control RS232/CAN
    CANopen DS402
    Up to 127 sites
    Input And Output 1 +10V Analog Input
    12 digital input,no optical barrier. One Enabler Specific and 11 Programmable Universal
    Three digital programmable outputs,no optical barrier
    Feedback Orthogonal incremental encoder,maximum speed 5Mline/s (20M after 4-fold frequency)
    Digital Hall (U,V,W,120 degree electrical phase difference)
    Analog Sin/Cos Encoder Optional
    Reslover is optional
    Encoder 2 Input or Output (Full Closed Loop Control)
    Supply Voltage 20-90 VDC,maximum continuous current 12A,peak current 36A
    Protection Design Overcurrent,Overvoltage,Undervoltage,Short Circuit,Grounding,Overtemperature,I2t,Control Error


    Type Unit Scope
    Communication - CANopen、RS232
    Command Source Input - Stepping pulse,±10V analog quantity,position,speed,torque,PWM,speed,torque
    Encoder A/B
    Feedback Type - Orthogonal incremental encoder,digital hall,analog sine-cosine encoder,resolver
    Operation Mode


    Motion Sequence,Point-to-point,PVT
    Electronic Gears And Cams
    Position,Speed And Torque Control Mode
    Support Motor Type - DDL,DDR,Voice Coil,Brush And Brushless Servo Motors
    Hardware Protection - HV Overvoltage,HV Undervoltage,Driver Overtemperature,Short Circuit,I2t Current Limitation,Motor Overtemperature,Fault State
    Programmable Digital Input/Output Interface - Input Port[IN1~12] 、Output Port[OUT1,OUT2,OUT3]
    Analog Input Interface - 1 ±10V Analog Input
    Main I/O logic level - 5V TTL
    Current Loop Sampling Frequency kHz 15(66.7μs)
    Speed Loop Sampling Frequency kHz 3(330μs)
    Position Loop Sampling Frequency kHz 3(330μs)
    Maximum Encoder Frequency MHz Digital: maximum 5MHz differential line frequency, 20MHz orthogonal counting frequency
    Simulation: Maximum 230kHz (cycle) frequency, interpolation motion 10 bits/cycle (1024)
    Size mm (in) 167×100×31
    Weight kg 0.43(No Additional Radiator)
    Normal Operating Temperature Range 0 ~ +45
    Storage Temperature Range -40 ~ +85
    Relative Humidity - 0% ~ 95%,Non Condensing
    Cooling System - For continuous power output,radiators or forced air cooling are required.
    Environment - IEC68-2:1990
    Pollute - Pollution Levels 2

    Model Selection

    Driver Model Supply Voltage(VDC) Continuous Current Ic(A) Peak Current Ip(A) Encoder Type
    APD-12D80-CALTE 20~90V 12 36 Incremental Encoder
    APD-12D80-CALTSC 20~90V 12 36 Sin/Cos Encoder
    APD-12D80-CALTR 20~90V 12 36 Resolver