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MT Series DC Brushless Servo System

MT brushless servo system is mainly composed of IDM series servo driver and DC brushless servo motor compatible with NEMA flange size. DC power supply, with a maximum power of up to 600W, is mainly used in small mobile robots, automatic detection and assembly, subway screen doors, medical equipment and other industries.

    Technical Parameter

    DC Brushless Motor

    Installation dimension compatible NEMA 42,57,86 standard step flange
    DC power supply 24-48VDC, the maximum power of up to 600W
    Rated speed 3000RPM, up to 5000RPM
    Small volume, 0.1-2.0N.m constant torque,high cost performance

    DC Brushless Motor Driver

    24V/48VDC DC power supply, suitable for battery power supply or personal safety requirements.
    Torque, Speed And Position
    Setting motor and adjusting driver parameters based on Windows PC software
    Pulse + direction or encoder AB digital control input


    ±10Vanalog control instruction input driver is optional
    RS232/485 communication control command input driver is optional
    CAN/CANopen communication control command input driver is optional
    C/C++/VB/VC/LabView Motion function library is optional


    Planetary Reducer And Brake
    The motor can be customized according to some special requirements of the customer

    Sizing Table

    Motor Model MT8N42P06V2E MT8N42P10V2E MT8N57P12V2E MT8N57P20V4E
    Rated Power
    60 100 125 200
    Rated Torque
    0.2 0.32 0.4 0.64
    Rated Speed
    3000 3000 3000 3000
    Rated Voltage
    24 24 24 48
    Rated Current
    4 5.2 6.9 5.2
    85 105 95 115
    0.55 0.65 1 1.3
    IBL3605A IBL3605A IDM640-