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Human Resources

As the company continues to evolve, in order to achieve the goal of becoming an outstanding and outstanding motion control leading company, we need: young, dynamic, dreamy, intelligent, competent, practical and you together with us to pursue The dream of success, sharing the fruits of success, sharing the joy of success, for a better life!

If you have obtained related professional or undergraduate degree or above in related disciplines such as electronics, electrical engineering, electrical engineering, automation, and mechatronics, or related work experience in software and hardware technology development, sales, and management of motor control products, please write a convincing CV to us

Jobs Work Place Recruitment Number
Industrial Robot Senior Mechanical Structure Design Engineer Shenzhen 2
Job Requirements:

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for robot manipulator, including the design of the joint, transmission, shape structure, development work;

2, responsible for the robot key components selection, check and test work.

3, participate in product prototype production, testing, and improvements, quality improvement, finalize the design, etc;

4, carried out in cooperation with electrical engineer to finish related robot structure design;

5, new product trial production stage of the technical guidance on production, assembly and process improvement, design optimization work;

Independent writing technical documents;

6, according to the actual non-standard project, undertake the work of project of robot related content.

Job requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical integration or related professional,.

2, 5 years experience in mechanical design or related, with strong design and development idea, proficient in mechanical design, skilled design harmonic drive, connecting rod structure, selection of fluent, a robot ontology design or heavy mechanical design experience is preferred,

3, a solid mathematics, with strong knowledge of mechanics, can adopt the mainstream mechanical dynamics analysis software.

4, familiar with screw, slippery course, stepper motor, servo motor, reducer, synchronous transmission, such as cylinder actuator selection and use;

5, familiar with Solidworks, CAD and other mainstream mechanical design software, can undertake the robot's design and development tasks independently, independent writing technical documents;

6, master production, technological process and the relevant industry standards, familiar with the commonly used material selection and processing of mechanical parts, can be competent for from product design, processing and tracking, prototype assembly, guide the installation and debugging the whole process of research and development work;

Servo Drives The Underlying DSP Senior Software Development Engineer Shenzhen 5
Job Requirements:

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the servo driver software solutions at the bottom of the overall planning and execution

2. Write the underlying DSP software and optimization servo drives

3. Study the foreign advanced servo drive product performance and algorithm

Job requirements:

1. Master degree or above

2. The motor, power electronics, automatic control, mechanical and electrical integration or related field

3. Proficient in TI or Freescale series DSP, FPGA and ARM structure and instruction

4. Proficient in assembly and C/C + + programming,

5. Mathematics basic skills, proficient in stepper motors, permanent magnet synchronous motor control algorithms

6. With complete software development servo drive products to independent research and development of ability and management experience

7. The steadfast, rigorous, have strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission, interested in the long-term development of the servo drive industry

Servo Driver Advanced Hardware Design Engineer Shenzhen 3
Job Requirements:

Operating duty:
1. responsible for servo driver hardware schematic and PCB board design
2. continuously improve the hardware reliability of the servo driver
3., propose effective solutions to reduce the cost of servo drivers.
4. prototype debug and solve technical problems in the production process.

Job requirements:
1. formal bachelor degree or above, working experience in industry for more than 3 years.
2. electrical, power electronics, automation control, mechatronics and other related majors.
3. proficient in TMS320C2000, Freescale series DSP hardware, digital analog circuits,
Power amplifier applications such as MOSFET, IGBT, IPM and so on
4. proficient in the use of POWERLOGIC, POWERPCB drawing principle map and PCB board, familiar with the reliability requirements of military and industrial environment for electronic products, rich in anti-interference and EMC wiring experience
5. work steadfastly, be proactive, pay attention to details, and strive for excellence in technology.
More than 6.2 years experience in servo driver hardware design and development.

Bus Technology Development And Support Engineer Shenzhen 2
Job Requirements:

Job responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for the motion controller and intelligent servo driver RS485, CAN, CANopen, EtherCAT total

Development, application, technical support, etc

2. Be responsible for the bus in the company's internal technical training

3. Assist in the software development of the project

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above. 2 years of relevant working experience

2. Motors, motion control, automation, mechanical and electrical integration or related field

3. Familiar with RS485 and CAN/CANopen, EtherCAT bus protocol and application

4. Proficient in C/C + + / VC/VB programming

5. Love the labor, work earnest rigorous, industrious, like to delve into

6. With MCU, ARM, DSP embedded system development work experience is preferred

Precision Mechanical Design Engineer Shenzhen 1
Job Requirements:

Job responsibilities:

1. Mainly responsible for precision linear motor, torque motor, voice coil motor platform of all kinds of application design

2. All kinds of stepper, servo motion control system such as the demonstration platform design

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, 3 years or above related working experience

2. The mechanical design and automation, mechanical and electrical integration or related field

3. Proficient in Autocad, Solidworks, ProE design tools, etc

4. Proficient in linear motors, torque motor, voice coil motor, guide rail, the selection and application of the encoder

5. Have high sense of responsibility, work conscientiously careful, rigorous sureness

6. Automation equipment design, the stepping servo system debugging work experience is preferred

7. Has the development potential of the immediate manager

Product Data Production Engineer Shenzhen 2
Job Requirements:

Operating duty:

1. responsible for compiling all Chinese and English documents and documents, providing all kinds of information needed for the company's website.
2. assist webpage design engineers in website planning and document planning for marketing information.

Job requirements:

1. bachelor degree or above, good English
2. motor, power electronics, automation control, mechatronics or related majors.
3. skilled use of Word, Execl, Visio, FrameMaker, Illustrator, Indesign and other related software.
4. familiar with the technical terms of stepping servo and motion control products.
5. strong learning ability, able to understand English texts quickly and summarize the main points in the text.
6. honest, diligent, hardworking, responsible and team spirit.
7. there is a market plan, the promotion of the potential is especially good

Step Servo System Technical Support Engineer Shenzhen 2
Job Requirements:

Operating duty:
1. responsible for customer commissioning on step and servo systems.
2. answering all kinds of technology and application problems of stepping servo system for customers through telephone or Intenet.
3. training internal staff, familiar with and understanding all kinds of motion control products.
4. cooperate with all kinds of motion control projects.
5. cooperate with all kinds of technical work of sales engineer.

Job requirements:
1. bachelor degree or above, major in motor, power electronics, automation control, mechatronics or related field.
2., we can have a deep understanding of the control principles and methods of stepping servo system, and have rich experience in practical application of stepping servo system and motion control.
3. have independent working ability, good character and culture, good communication skills and team spirit.
4. having the potential to develop as a sales engineer or R & D Engineer is better.

CANopen/EtherCAT Bus Application Engineer Shenzhen 1
Job Requirements:

Operating duty:
1. mainly responsible for RS485, CAN, CANopen, EtherCAT bus testing, application, technical support, development and other work of motion controller and intelligent servo driver.
2. responsible for bus technical training within the company.
3. assist in the software development of engineering projects.

Job requirements:
1. bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years relevant working experience.
2. motor, motion control, automation, mechatronics or related majors.
3. familiar with protocol and application of RS485, CAN/CANopen and EtherCAT bus.
4. skilled C/C++/VC/VB programming
5. love your job, be serious and conscientious, and be practical and diligent.
6. working experience in MCU, ARM and DSP embedded system development is preferred.