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Name Description File Format Download
APS Series Precision Programma ...
APS Series Precision Programmable Servo Driver Selection Manual PDF
APX Series Precision Programma ...
APX Series Precision Programmable Servo Driver Selection Manual PDF
MT Series Brushless Servo Syst ...
MT Series Brushless Servo System Selection Manual PDF
MT8N42P06V2E Model Motor Size
MT8N42P06V2E Model Motor Size PDF
MT8N42P10V2E Model Motor Size
MT8N42P10V2E Model Motor Size PDF
MT8N57P12V2E Model Motor Size
MT8N57P12V2E Model Motor Size PDF
MT8N57P20V2E Model Motor Size
MT8N57P20V2E Model Motor Size PDF
CBL Series Air Core Cup Brushl ...
CBL Series Air Core Cup Brushless Servo System Selection Manual PDF
CBL2040 Model Motor Size
CBL2040 Model Motor Size PDF
CBL2232 Model Motor Size
CBL2232 Model Motor Size PDF
CBL2446 Model Motor Size
CBL2446 Model Motor Size PDF
CBL2453 Model Motor Size
CBL2453 Model Motor Size PDF
CBL2854 Model Motor Size
CBL2854 Model Motor Size PDF
CBL3260 Model Motor Size
CBL3260 Model Motor Size PDF
CBL3660 Model Motor Size
CBL3660 Model Motor Size PDF
CBL3670 Model Motor Size
CBL3670 Model Motor Size PDF
Astep ST Series Closed Loop St ...
Astep ST Series Closed Loop Stepper Servo System Selection Manual PDF
Astep ST Series Closed Loop St ...
Astep ST Series Closed Loop Stepping Servo System Selection Manual PDF
CSM Series Step Motor Connecti ...
CSM Series Step Motor Connection Instructions PDF
Astep IP65 Series Closed Loop ...
Astep IP65 Series Closed Loop Stepper Servo System Selection Manual PDF
CSM57_IP65 Series Closed Loop ...
CSM57_IP65 Series Closed Loop Stepper Motor Size PDF
CSM60_IP65 Series Closed Loop ...
CSM60_IP65 Series Closed Loop Stepper Motor Size PDF
CSM86_IP65 Series Closed Loop ...
CSM86_IP65 Series Closed Loop Stepper Motor Size PDF
iSTEP Series Closed Loop Step ...
iSTEP Series Closed Loop Step Servo System Selection Manual PDF
Astep-CSM28-HRP60 Hollow Rotar ...
Astep-CSM28-HRP60 Hollow Rotary Platform PDF
Astep-CSM42-HRP85 Hollow Rotar ...
Astep-CSM42-HRP85 Hollow Rotary Platform PDF
Astep-CSM57-HRP130 Hollow Rota ...
Astep-CSM57-HRP130 Hollow Rotary Platform PDF
Astep-CSM86-HRP200 Hollow Rota ...
Astep-CSM86-HRP200 Hollow Rotary Platform PDF
Techservo Product Selection Ma ...
Techservo Product Selection Manual PDF
Name Description File Format Download
Name Description File Format Download
MCK_CVM Indexer Programming Ca ...
MCK_CVM Indexer Programming Cam Table Control Manual PDF
MCK_CVM Indexer Programming Ma ...
MCK_CVM Indexer Programming Manual PDF
MCK_ASCII Programming Manual
MCK_ASCII Programming Manual PDF
MCK Cam Table Programming Manu ...
MCK Cam Table Programming Manual PDF
Name Description File Format Download
MCK Software Download
MCK Software Download ZIP


Name Introduction Details
Single axis servo - through host control
All techservo intelligent servo drives have programmable features and can be controlled by a main controller system through RS-232, RS-485, or CAN-bus (the CAN drive vers ... Details
Uniaxial control - out of host operation ...
Techservo intelligent servo drive has powerful motion control function. The complex program of programming is combined with I/O monitoring, event triggering, and program judgment j ... Details
Analog input reference or feed ...
Through the complete configuration of the software, the analog input of the driver can be used as the input of the TML program as a position, speed, torque or a user's sp ... Details
Pulse digital input
When used as a driver, techservo series intelligent servo drive can accept the pulse control signal sent by the external motion controller (motion control card or PLC) as ... Details
Multiple I/O processing
The PLC specific functions of the techservo intelligent servo allow customers to configure and use the I/O resources of the drive, obtain discrete input commands, test input states ... Details
Event and interrupt handling
Techservo intelligent programmable events, combined with the TML specified interrupt structure, allow you to handle different tasks at the same time, such as protection, time inter ... Details
Multi axis cooperative motion
In the distributed multi axis motion control structure, the host provides data points to the axis of the network (CAN or RS-485). In addition, a predefined sequence of mo ... Details
An electronic gear or cam
Techservo smart drive is programmable as an input command from the pulse + direction (by another motor or other encoder). Therefore, the host can send a programmable elec ... Details
PT/PVT interpolation
Techservo intelligent driver allows programmable location and time interpolation, location, speed, time interpolation, and performs complex synchronization in powerful multi axis s ... Details
Multi axis I/O handshake
The I/O available on the Techservo smart drive allows you to create a signal handshake structure between the multiple axes through the specified TML programming. The activation of ... Details


Name Introduction Details
A brief introduction to CANopen and Ethe ...

CANopen and EtherCAT are international open standard protocols for network motion control. They can simplify connection, reduce cost and enhance diagnostic function. CANope ...
Sinusoidal Electric Vehicle Controller S ...

一、Main Features:


Cam Table Programming
Cam table programming

The electronic cam allows the motion of one axis of a Tyco drive (cam from the shaft) to synchronize with the command or& ...
The motion control of automatic partitio ...
The ordinary partition door is propelled manually, and the general automatic partition door adopts ordinary motor or step motor. It has low intelligence, complex wiring, ... Details
CANopen programming manual for the techs ...
With regard to the document:

This paper describes the CANopen method of Tyco Intelligent AP Series Precision Servo Driver. Anyone who participates in the evaluat ...
Communication and test between CANopen P ...
For new users of the CANopen application, how to start a CANopen connection is a more complex job, you need to configure the communication parameters, test the communication, and s ... Details
Solution of high speed, high precision a ...
The closed-loop stepping servo system has higher safety, reliability and product quality requirements than the traditional open-loop stepping system. A position feedback device is ... Details
IDM Serial Driver RS232/485/CAN-bus Comm ...
This paper describes the communication protocol supported by IDM series servo drives, and describes in detail how the TML (Techservo Motion Language) instruction is a technical ref ... Details
Precision Position Control Algorithm
In the position mode, the reference volume generator automatically eliminates the position error of the rounding. Examples are as follows:

The relative position patt ...
Techservo driver supports the following ...

1. with incremental encoder,AC brushless (permanent magnet synchronous) rotary servo motor position,speed,torque control. AC brushless motor adopts vector ...



Name Introduction Details
Why is tech servo driver known as an int ...
Based on the latest DSP controller, the series of intelligent servo drives produced by Techservo are embedded in the intelligent motion control language. It only needs to ... Details
Techservo series intelligent servo drive ...
Techservo series intelligent servo drives can control the drive DC brushes, DC brushless, permanent magnet synchronous, linear brushless, sound ring, 2 phase stepping mot ... Details
How many control modes do Techservo seri ...
Techservo series intelligent servo drives have position, speed, torque (current), voltage and test control mode, which can be freely switched on the basis of motion requi ... Details
I just bought a Techservo intelligent se ...
Communication problems commonly encountered by customers usually have several problems:

1, the communication line is not properly connected, or t ...
Do I want to use the motion control card ...
Techservo series intelligent servo driver has a pulse + directional standard interface, which can receive control signals transmitted by motion control card or  ... Details
Can techservo series intelligent servo d ...
Techservo series intelligent servo drives generally have 2 analog input interfaces, reference analog and analog feedback interface (speed measuring generator), can be +-1 ... Details
How does techservo series intelligent se ...

Techservo intelligent servo driver can form a multi axis distributed intelligent motion control system through RS232/485/CAN, and a network can support up to 256 ax ...

No hardware installation of shaft ID dri ...
You can't use the driver of the hardware set axis ID, or the 32-256 axis ID setting, set up the axis ID by the software, and can set the different axis ID by th ... Details
CanI control Techservo intelligent servo ...
You can call the TML_LIB motion function in C/C++, VB, Delphi or LabVIEW development software, communicate with the drive, set drive parameters, get the driver' ... Details
What is the maximum input frequency of t ...
The maximum input frequency of the cocoders of the Techservo series intelligent servo drives is 5 MHz, and attention is given to the equivalent of increasing the encoder ... Details
How do I set up the offline Standalone m ...
One of the important advantages of the Techservo series intelligent servo drives is the ability to combine the offline mode (Standalone) with the master slave mode (Maste ... Details
How do I test and diagnose the motion sy ...
EasyMotion Studio provides test and analysis of many parameters in motor and actuator in motion system, and evaluation and analysis of performance of motion system. From ... Details
I need technical support. Where can I ge ...
You can contact us through Email, phone, and we can provide you with some application examples, or help you to succeed in the shortest possible time through Int ... Details

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