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Cam Table Programming
Cam table programming

The electronic cam allows the motion of one axis of a Tyco drive (cam from the shaft) to synchronize with the command or movement of an external device (cam spindle). The cam spindle can be an encoder, PLC, or any device that generates electronic pulses (indicating the location of the spindle). It is also possible to use the pulse generator inside the software to generate the position of the spindle so that there is no need for external spindle signals. The cam from the shaft refers to a motor shaft controlled by Tyco drive.

Cam table control

The cam motion is defined by the user by constructing the cam table. Each cam table includes the position of the spindle and the corresponding position from the shaft.

Users can also configure cam triggering mode and spindle input source.

The position value of the cam table is counts (pulse number). Note that because the pulse value is related to the system, the pulse of the spindle and the pulse from the shaft may be different in width.

The position of the spindle and the slave shaft is relative to the spindle and the position of the shaft from the cam triggering.

Note: normally, the cam table is stored in the flash of the driver, which supports reading a cam table from flash and maintaining two power failure cycles.

If in application, flash has no storage space or has problems, it can download up to 16 cam tables to RAM and run from the RAM of the driver.

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