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CANopen programming manual for the techservo intelligent servo driver
With regard to the document:

This paper describes the CANopen method of Tyco Intelligent AP Series Precision Servo Driver. Anyone who participates in the evaluation and design of distributed motion control systems can find the required information from this manual. This manual requires users to have some knowledge of motion control, network and CAN Open.

Object Description:
Name Description
Type Object Type (e.g. unsigned 32-bit, integer, string)

Object acquisition method::

  RO---Read Only

  WO---Write only

  RW---Readable and Writable

RC---Readable, Zero-clearable
Units Units of object values
Range The acceptable range of data types
Map PDO YES - Objects can be mapped to PDO, NO - can not be mapped to PDO. EVENT - Objects can be mapped and set to be triggered by events
Memory The acceptable range of data types is that some objects can be stored in flash memory (F) of the driver, some in RAM (R), and some in flash or RAM. If an object cannot be stored, or if the object includes a sub-retrieval object, the store contains a dash (-).