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Precision Position Control Algorithm
In the position mode, the reference volume generator automatically eliminates the position error of the rounding. Examples are as follows:

The relative position pattern is set as follows: acceleration =4 counts/sampling/sampling, constant speed =18 counts/sampling, position =258 counts

Note: 1 counts=1/ (4* encoder number), sampling speed loop sampling period.

To achieve constant speed, there are two acceleration setting methods:

1. from 0 speed to 16 speed, using fourth step acceleration, from 16 speed to 18 speed with fifth step acceleration, the number of positions required is 49 counts.

2. from 0 speed to 2 speed, using first step acceleration, from 2 speed to 18 speed with fourth step acceleration, the number of positions required is 41 counts.

The setting method and the position required for the deceleration section and the acceleration section are the same, but, regardless of the acceleration and deceleration section of which setting method, the number of positions running at the constant velocity is not the multiple of the constant velocity 18, thus producing an error problem of the rounding, and when should it begin to slow down?

Precision instrument control algorithm